ING Discering Eye 2020

The Discerning Eye is an educational charity, established in the UK in 1990, to encourage a wider understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and to stimulate debate about the place and purpose of art in our society, and the contribution each one of us can make to its development.

The organisation comprises a group of directors and an education and advisory committee. Our annual exhibition is usually held at The Mall Galleries in London in November. Every year six individual selectors – two artists, two art collectors, and two art critics – produce their own ‘mini exhibition’ by selecting a mixture of works from personally invited artists and from an open submission process. Each section is hung separately to maintain its own character and identity. Because of the mix of invited and selected work, the exhibition provides a rare opportunity for lesser-known artists to have their work shown alongside that of internationally recognised name.

All works exhibited are of a ‘domestic scale’, less than 20 inches in any dimension, but can be created in any medium. This was a founding principle of The Discerning Eye and remains so today.

In 2020, due to the Pandemic, the exhibition was held entirely online.

My piece ‘Pandora’ was selected by Tabish Kahn, The London Art Critic, for the exhibition and I am delighted that it sold.

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