if you would like to commission a portait of yourself, family or friend, contact Gill to dicuss.


A portrait requires a commitment from both artist and sitter. It is a two way process requiring a lot of discussion and a few sittings. The whole process can take between one and six months from first sitting. It takes many hours to produce these many layered pieces but they will last for generations.

An appointment will be made at a time and place that suits you for the first sitting. During this sitting the pose and style of the painting will be mutually agreed through a comprehensive discussion with sketches and photographs made. The sitter is required to sit as still as possible for around half an hour at at time or as long as possible for a maximum of an hour and a half.

This is where the commitment of the sitter is important to get the best results for your painting. Between two and five sittings could be required and will take place in the artist’s studio.

Stage payments

Payment is made in stages with an initial deposit of 50% made at the first contact to book your slot, this covers the planning stages and cost of the materials. With the exception of the smallest size, two remaining payments of 25% are made at the second sitting and on completion (and before delivery) respectively.


This is an additional cost and Gill can arrange framing for you or you can choose to receive your painting unframed.

All payments are non refundable due to the amount of work involved. If many changes are made to the original concept during the process, this could result in additional costs. Every effort is made to ensure you are completely delighted with your finished work of art.

If you would like to discuss your ideas Gill is always happy to hear from you. It is a very exciting process and she has never had any unhappy customers.