Breath series

“This body of work is my direct response to the current Pandemic. The Breath drawings were conceived during the second wave of the Pandemic when the vaccine was just beginning to be rolled out and I was doing an isolated residency in a tower at Marchmont House. They represent the feelings of being unable to move each one has a feeling of being carved from wood, still and rooted to the spot. The breath is rendered in genuine silver leaf which has been recognised since the time of the Black Death as offering protection from plague, it does indeed have anti microbial properties.

They were initially a way to process what was happening for me personally but I have found that they resonate strongly with others.
These works begin with a simple pencil drawing and more graphite is added and layers of beeswax, this adds depth and makes them more ‘alive’. I add a depiction of breath using genuine silver leaf. The silver leaf, graphite and beeswax are all elemental and natural materials.

The pieces grew in size throughout the pandemic till they became life size so you could stand in front of one, Life’s Breath for example, and experience that all important face to face connection.” 

Gill Walton